Our complaints performance

If you ever raise an issue with us, we’ll not only work hard to get to the bottom of it – we’ll also keep a close (and constant) eye on the progress we’re making.

We regularly check how our complaints are doing – and publish our findings both quarterly and annually. That way, we can make sure we’re responding swiftly, really understand our strengths, and spot opportunities to make the process even better. 

Our results show we’re able to resolve most complaints quickly. But, very occasionally, we come across an issue that’s particularly complex. That means involving others, such as metering agents or suppliers – which can take a bit more time.

To see how we’re doing, take a look at the tables below.


Our performance over the last five quarters

The number of complaints we’ve received and resolved can be seen in the tables below.

Quarter Number of Complaints received Number of complaints received per 100,000 customers Number of complaints resolved Number of complaints resolved per 100,000 customers % resolved at day +1  % resolved at eight weeks 

Q3 2016 

1st July - 30th September

585 569 697 677 29% 81%

Q2 2016 

1st April - 30th June 

1056 1026 1088 1057 45% 87%

Q1 2016

1st January - 31st March

1233 1118 1170 1274 45% 91%

Q4 2015

1st October - 31st December

1033 1003 967 940 59% 93%

Q3 2015

1st July - 30th September 

691 848 667 818 62% 91%

Top 5 complaint reasons for domestic supply complaints

Complaint Reasons What we are doing to improve
Estimated Billing We’re making some big changes by early in 2017 to the way we bill you which means that estimated  billing will  only happen when we don’t have a read. When we receive a meter reading from you, it will go through a quick validation process and then we’ll check when you last received a bill. If you haven’t been billed for more than 30 days, we will bill you using the reading that you provided.  This is called “Bill to read”.  If you have been billed within the last 30 days, we will store the reading on our system and use it to help improve our estimation of your next bill unless we receive another reading from you. We really encourage our customers to provide us with an up to date reading every 3 months, this means there will always be an actual reading on your bill and you’ll know that you are paying for what you use.
Disputed Balance It can be a shock to receive an unexpectedly large bill, we do all we can to avoid this happening. There are a number of things that can cause a large bill and we are here to help - we can carry out consumption queries with you, identify faulty meters and get them fixed, offer advice or payment plans if needed. Providing us with regular readings can also help as you can be confident that you are  being billed for the energy you have used.
3rd Party Meter Appointments We do work with external suppliers who attend our customers’ properties on our behalf. Sometimes these appointments can't go ahead without any prior notice. This is an issue felt by all suppliers so there are set compensation payments known as guaranteed standards of service that we make sure are applied if you’re ever affected by this. We are also working closely with our third parties to ensure we are setting realistic expectations in regards to timescales for our customers. We are committed to giving you as much notice as we are able to and we challenge our  suppliers to provide the same excellent customer experience that we aim to provide ourselves.
Promises not kept

We’re working hard to resolve this because when things go wrong we want to fix them right away. Unfortunately on occasions we over-promise and then let you down. We look at each case and feedback to the individual concerned to  make sure they learn from their  mistake. We are also investing in a new system that tracks the timescales and promises we make and alerts us when we need to follow up on our actions. We also review our processes to ensure that we are able to do what we say we are going to and encourage  our customers  to feedback to us when things don’t go well.

Online Account Management

We have had issues with our on-line service, creating problems for some customers. We recognise that the ability to self-serve and manage accounts online is a really vital tool and it’s a priority for us to resolve this and provide a flawless on-line experience for our customers.  We’ll be launching a new online service by early 2017 that incorporates the functionality you told us you wanted, giving our customers a better online solution. This includes, for example, making it easier to submit your meter readings - as the new online service will be linked to your account, all updates are made in real time, meaning your meter readings will appear straight away on your account ready to be included on your bills.

Annual Complaints Performance 

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